Personal Training

At SSP, we develop a personalized and unique program to you based on the results of an initial assessment. We train our clients in a semi-private setting which we believe fosters a fun and supportive environment for you to achieve your goals. Our strength is in our coaching and you’ll maximize the value you receive from SSP during your personal training sessions.

Strength & Conditioning Classes

We offer both strength classes and conditioning classes. Our strength classes provide a progressively structured program that is designed to build lean muscle. Our conditioning classes are designed to boost your metabolism, decrease injuries, and help you function better with daily activities. These high energy classes are effective, fun, and varied to keep motivation high.

SSP Youth Athletics

Our YA program is designed to help youth athletes (10-17) maximize their sports performance while minimizing risk of injury. We start our youngest athletes by teaching proper fundamentals and movement patterning to begin building coordination, stability, and strength. Our oldest athletes focus on building both power and strength while improving their speed and agility. Not only do these skills improve performance in team and individual sports, but the way we train at SSP mimics a college weight room environment so athletes are prepared and ready for the next level.


Ever been interested in learning about Spartan and Obstacle Course Racing (OCR)? Did you sign up for a race and looking to train for it? Our Spartan program is designed to prepare you for the rigors of racing. Whether you are a new racer signing up for your first race or an experienced one trying to improve your performance or increase your challenge, our programs focus on the fundamental preparation needed to run your best race.

Hybrid & Online

Looking for expert coaching but either don't live close or have your own gym setup? Here are a few options where you can still train with us!