Our First Special Guest!

Hello friends,

We had a special guest on the podcast for Episode 12! Listen in as Coach Natalie and Coach Chris chat with Alper, a beloved member, about his journey to SSP, his initial skepticism about SSP, and what he really enjoys about his experience and training now. We also talk about his past experience with different trainers (many of them!).

We know all of our members have a story about they came to SSP, and it was very cool for us to hear Alper tell his. We’re biased but we think this podcast is a good listen! 🙂 If you’re a member, you can probably relate. If you’re not a member, you get a fresh perspective from someone who’s been with us over a year now!  

As always, you can listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!

Let us know what you think? And we’re always looking for topics for future episodes! Drop us a note if you have any specific asks or questions from the episode. 

Happy Listening! 


Coach Chris & Team SSP