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Our vision is to equip and educate you with the tools and skills necessary to build sustainable nutrition habits that support your health over your lifetime. Our experienced coaches will meet you where you're at and build the best plan to suit your life and your goals. Submit your information below to get started!

Our program’s core values:

All foods fit
– We do not prescribe diets and do not subscribe to fad diets.
– We believe all food is fuel; while some serves as foundational fuel we do not believe any foods should be avoided or restricted.

Nutrition is for every body!
– Nutrition is not defined by a body size.
– Adopting the HAES approach, we believe there is no one mold that defines how all bodies should look. We believe that health starts from within and that everyone has the ability to build sound nutritional habits.

Simple steps build sustainable habits.
– We believe lifetime habits are built through small, achievable steps. We equip our members with the nutrition knowledge and skills necessary to implement habits that support lifelong nutrition.

A fueled athlete = better performance
– We believe that adequate fueling is a fundamental building block for performance. We work with athletes of all ages, helping them implement fueling strategies that foster success in their sport.


One-Time Nutrition Consultation ($79)

A 30-Minute one-on-one consultation to discuss your personal goals and answer questions with one of our coaches. You will undergo an InBody scan which provides an accurate baseline reading of your current body composition (% body fat, % muscle mass). With this information, our coaches will be able to estimate macronutrient needs. We can also use this time to discuss your nutrition goals. For example, is your goal to lose body fat? gain muscle? Or perhaps you want assurance that your current intake is supporting your overall wellbeing.

Following your consultation, here are a few options we offer through SSP’s Lifelong Nutrition program

Group Coaching ($99)

Our group program is called Body Recomp 101! Over 30 days, we work with you to adjust your caloric needs and activities to achieve body recomposition (lean muscle mass, fat loss). Our coaches facilitate the program to support not only improved body composition but also help you gain a better understanding of how to fuel in a way that supports your overall goals. As part of the program, you’ll get two InBody scans to track progress (one at the beginning of 30 days and one at the end).

Meal Playbook ($149)

Our meal playbooks offer complete meal guidance and are a great option for those who are self-motivated but may need initial guidance in ensuring their intake is supporting their overall nutrition goals. Using the insight gained from your nutrition consultation, these playbooks are intended to allow you to build meal plans that support your daily caloric needs.

Nutrition Coaching ($229/mo 3-month commitment)

This is our premium nutrition coaching service, which is the best option for those needing increased accountability. We coach clients for 3 months at a time and only take on a limited number of people. We expect each client to be committed to the program. Our coaching is one-on-one. We’ll check-in weekly and complete an InBody scan monthly to track progress. This program is great for individuals looking for ongoing oversight and feedback to ensure their nutrition habits are facilitating their overall goals. We know nutrition is personal and different for every person, and this option allows you to tap into our expertise and see the best results.

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About Our Coaches

Allie Dunham

Coach Allie was a recent weight loss coach at Seattle’s 30/10 Weight Loss For Life, and is very well versed in the BIA method. When that location closed its doors, she built her own Weight Loss Consulting business to continue to help her clients! Allie has struggled with a weight gain journey, stemming from eating disorders, and has found that weight lifting was just the thing she needed to be successful in maintaining a good body composition.

Britt Myer

Coach Britt is an exercise enthusiast and nutrition junkie. Britt started her career working as a registered dietitian and quickly learned that adequate and balanced nutrition is made whole with routine exercise; the two go hand-in-hand. Britt is a registered dietitian (RD), NASM-certifed personal trainer, and a Girls Gone Strong Women's Coaching Specialist (GGS-1). She holds a masters in public health and enjoys working with and for people. Britt finds joy in sharing her passion for nutrition and fitness with those around her. When not at the gym or in the clinic, you can find her logging miles all over the greater Seattle area, trying new recipes, and relaxing with her husband and their golden retriever, Sawyer.

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