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SSP’s 2nd location now thriving in Queen Anne

[SEATTLE, WA, APRIL 2021] – What were you doing on August 17th, 2020? The world as we knew it had officially stopped. Things that we took for granted as a part of our daily lives were whisked from under our feet: going to the grocery store, having toilet paper, exercising at a gym! Yet on this day, one small fitness community took one of the first steps towards standing up during a time of need. Seattle Strength & Performance made the move to expand and safely open their second location at the top of Queen Anne during the height of the pandemic. 

Among all of the devastation that 2020 had and would continue to bring, a relentless community of individuals working together chose to focus on healing. SSP believes in the healing energy that comes from true teamwork and the challenge of pushing your body to sweat and achieve healthy goals that originally seemed impossible.

One of SSP Queen Anne’s very own members, Samantha, is a local nurse and speaks to the impact that the community has had on her: “I feel the strongest (mentally and physically) that I’ve ever felt and stronger than I ever thought possible. As a healthcare worker, COVID19 has been incredibly challenging and SSP has gotten me through it.” 

While we have watched countless businesses close shop this year, and many gyms board up their windows, the opening of SSP Queen Anne’s doors has provided a refreshing turn of events and a place where people can recover and gain strength together. 

SSP offers personal training and strength and conditioning classes to their members. Their philosophy is built on training to each individual based upon their needs, health history, and current abilities. They train everyone from teen student athletes, corporate employees looking to get healthy, and senior citizens alike. Recently, SSP has launched a new nutrition coaching program as well as a youth athletics program and is continuing to grow. They are now offering sign ups for socially distanced group classes and personal training sessions. 
Join SSP Queen Anne today to experience a community that has chosen to thrive together during these unprecedented times. Find out more at