Start 2022 with our 2-for-2 Challenge! Trade 2% Body Fat for 2lbs Muscle Mass in 30 Days. Click Here for Details

Kick off 2022 with 2-for-2!

We are bringing back our popular 2-for-2 program for new members to start the year! Our 10 fall participants saw a combined 14.5% increase in muscle mass and a decrease of 13.7% body fat in 30 days. 

The goal of our 2-for-2 program is to trade out 2% body fat for 2lbs of lean muscle mass in 30 days! We’ll provide you the nutrition and exercise guidance plus a great gym community to keep you motivated. You do a body scan at the gym at the beginning of your month and one at the end to see your results! You can sign up anytime in January to get started.

Interested in learning more? E-mail Our 2-for-2 trial membership is $199 and includes a 45 minute movement assessment where we’ll assess how you move and talk about your goals; 3 semi-private personal training sessions, and access to unlimited strength & metabolic conditioning classes. Plus, we’ll provide you with nutrition guidance and coaching for your first 30 days to help you change your body composition. 

Book your fitness assessment today to get started —>

You can sign up for the 2-for-2 trial membership prior to your assessment by going here. Or, we’ll sign you up at the gym during your assessment. See you soon!

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