Inside SSP Podcast!

We’re trying something new, and we think it’s pretty fun and special! We’re going to get together every so often to discuss all things SSP. As a team, we often find ourselves in good conversation on what we feel are important topics, often these conversations go a few layers deep & end up being meaningful. So, one day we thought – hey, maybe everyone else would want to hear some of these conversations and benefit from our thoughts on these topics. So, here we are: 

Introducing our new podcast: Inside SSP. Every few weeks, we’ll record about a 30-minute raw & honest conversation covering different topics such as: our core values, our programming, frequently asked questions, nutrition, general fitness industry, and more. Our first episode focuses on our core value #5 (people are capable of much more than they think they are) and gym inclusivity and safe spaces. 

Bear with us as we are very much in DIY mode here but hopefully you enjoy the conversation and hearing some insight from your coaches heads! Please let us know if there are topics you’d love to hear discussed in the comments 🎤🎧 

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