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Grand Opening of SSP-QA

Our Grand Opening is Monday, August 17th, and we want to share our top 3 precautionary policies to ensure the safety of our new members:

1. FACE COVERINGS – Must be worn at all times in the facility and when entering and exiting. The only exception is when you are at your station engaged in exercise (your station will be marked clearly by blue tape). Please keep your face covering with you in case you need to travel outside of your station. Each station is spaced according to updated Phase 2 guidelines for fitness.

2. WATER BOTTLE & TOWEL – Please bring your own; we are unable to provide these in the current phase. Filtered water is available to fill your bottle.

a. Please line-up outside ahead of your class or session using the X’s on the ground.
b. Please wait to be called and enter one at a time to fill out the waiver (if applicable) and drop your personal belongings in a cubby.
c. Please then go to the station you are assigned. You may grab a foam roller on your way there for the warm up. 
d. Further instructions will be provided by the coach once everyone is checked in.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we cannot wait to see you!